November 16th: I Am Thankful for Shelby

Of course, I can't forget Shelby as our second canine family member. Shelby has such a different personality than Annie. Shelby is our herding red heeler. The only herding she gets to do involves all our cats, but she is happy to perform those duties. I don't know where she wants the cats to be herded to, but it is often comical to watch her. Shelby loves people, her chair in the gazebo, naptime, treats,her Kellogg cousins,and her sister Annie. She is loyal and is always there to protect us and alert us to danger. The only dangers have been skunks, raccoons, and stray cats. We keep trying to tell her the Avista driver, the UPS guy, and our neighbor are our friends. She just wants to be sure.
Shelby loves to go in the car. She would be content to ride around the driveway as long as she is with us. I will never forget the first day we brought her home. She was a round puppy covered with mud. (She was in an outside dog run and it had been raining). She won our hearts that day and we have loved her ever since.

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