November 15th: Today I Am Thankful For Math

 I have a secret that I have not told too many people in recent years. For a long time I didn't really understand math. I haven't had to teach it much the last fifteen years, so perhaps I got a bit rusty at understanding it also. I can balance my checkbook, I can tell you a discount if it is 50%, and I know the difference between the commutative and associative properties.
This school year I decided to relearn math.  I realized I remembered and knew more than I thought. I also realized that the students I am helping had many misconceptions about math that got in the way of learning. We undid some of those misconceptions together. I also found out that it can be fun. I just finished a math inservice today and feel like I can move into some harder material now. I am thankful that I am slowly overcoming my math phobia and feeling good about numbers! Does this mean algebra might make sense to me?

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