Hidden Gems in the Inland Empire: Train Ride at Metaline Falls

I had always heard of the train ride available between Ione to Metaline Falls along the Pend Oreille River in the fall, but it was something we had just never done. I remember my friend Tara last year posting beautiful pictures of the trip. My sister had an idea in August that we all take the train ride on Labor Day Week-End. My sister had a fantastic idea. This is my niece Kiki Aru above enjoying the ride.
 It was a scenic drive from Colville over Tiger Highway to Pend Oreille County. We stopped and took pictures of the waterfalls along the highway. Heading north along one of the few rivers in the United States that runs north, we saw spectacular mountains, the impressive Box Canyon Dam, and sites around Metaline Falls.
 On the train ride we saw majestic views of the river.
 My niece The Princess was up for some excitement
It was a ninety minute ride so toward the end my niece were ready for a nap on my sister's shoulder. Mom decided to get a view from the other direction. We were "held up" in Ione to raise money for the Cutter Theater.

 Here a view from above the Box Canyon Dam.
We ended the day enjoying a play at the Cutter Theater in Metaline Falls. The Lions Club sponsors these train rides and they continue on week-ends through October. It is for a worthy cause and well worth the trip. To learn more about the Train Rides, click here.

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