Hidden Gems in the Inland Empire: The Peterson Barn

 Recently I discovered another hidden gem in Moscow, Idaho. When I was organizing a leadership retreat last summer and it was a football week-end in the Palouse I knew there would be problems with lodging.

While searching for other options I found the Peterson Barn in Moscow Idaho. There is quite a story behind the building of this place that you can check out on the website. I have driven very close to the place while heading east on the Troy Highway, but never realized it existed. Take a tour with me of another of my newly found hidden gems.

 Here are the steps coming up the back of The Barn.
 The sunflowers were an amazing addition to the beauty of the place.

 The bench on the deck provided a nice spot for lunch in the sunshine.
 The place was surrounded by flowers, fruit trees, and fresh vegetables ready to be harvested.
 I loved the old gas stove and all the dishes and cookware to provide meals. I captured an image of the fruit on the table.

My sister joined me Saturday and as we were leaving Sunday we found a hidden garden room surrounded by grape vines. I thought she was perfectly color coordinated.The Peterson Barn is reasonably priced, it is a perfect location just off the beaten path in Moscow, and it is comfortable and cozy. To learn more about the Peterson Barn go here.

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