Hidden Gems in the Inland Empire: The Marcus Cider Fest

 On the first Saturday in October annally the small town of Marcus hosts their own Cider Fest. Marcus is located about eight miles north of Kettle Falls on Lake Roosevelt.
 The town of Marcus is serious about apples. All the streets are even named for types of apples. I think we parked on Red Delicious or Winesap Street.
 They have an incredible press that produces fresh cider that is sold fresh all day. Orchard owners from the area donate apples to make the cider. This press is very inventive and makes lots of cider.

There is a parade, craft booths, music, food, and of course lots of apples. It was perfect weather last Saturday to drive north up the lake for a visit at Marcus. This event is not such a hidden gem now. People from all over the northwest take the trek to Marcus to enjoy the Cider Fest!

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