A Math Problem of the Day

Here is my math problem for the day:
What do you get when you take one sick day, one day to catch up, five spirit days, one homecoming game, one powderpuff football game, one lost cell phone ( not mine), four "lost" assignments, six eager junior high football players, two uncooperative computers, and one exploding pen?

Twenty-three reasons why I am ready for a peaceful week-end.


  1. Oh Christy, in my calculations that adds up to a week of vacation in Hawaii with cabana boys! (We do not get paid enough :)

  2. Hope you got it.

  3. communing with nature and the animals I hope!!sandy

  4. IEG: Math...never a good subject for me. Here is one for you though. If the count meter on a machine counts 2051 absentee ballots, and the computer printout documenting actual absentee ballots received reflects 2047 of which 6 are void leaving a total of 2041, and the physical hand count (by a Judge) of absentee ballots kept in locked ballot boxes until the hand count, totals 2027 absentee ballots...how many absentee ballots were legally cast, received, and counted in the election? Math...so bothersome.

  5. A normal October week at school, if I recall.


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