Kitten Update

 Here is when they first came home.

Grayson and Junebug have been pawing me lately wondering why the fan mail has stopped. "Oh dear!"  I told them, "I have not posted pictures online for way too long". For Grayson and Junebug and all of you that love kitten pictures... here are some of the latest.
Junebug the poser.
Annie making sure everything is right with the kittens.
The famous "calendar picture".
Together again on the porch.
Braving a trip to the vet

 and Junebug exploring the pond.


  1. Looking like they fit in and are maturing !!time where does it go?

  2. don't you wish they'd never grow older. A kittens life is such a delight to share.

  3. oh they are so adoreable.... our Sam is badgering me to get a kitten.. but I dont want to upset Buff and Ambrose who are 15 and 14 years old now.....



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