Thanks Project Man

My husband has been the Project Man for most of the summer creating and recreating spots around our place. I just want to say thank you for

keeping everything watered,
expanding on the front porch,

raising vegetables,

lugging home rocks for a wall or path,

and  turning the garden shed into a guest room.... just to name a few.

Thanks Project Man... you are one in a million.


  1. Nice work, project man! Great tribute for someone who has accomplished so many homey improvements. Your project man is a rare find these days.

  2. :) maybe you could send him over here for whats left of the summer, cos I have 1001 things that I need sussing and sorting :)


  3. IEG: The heck with MT...send him over to Cda town!!!

  4. InlandEmpireGirl... DONT listen to GoFigure.... I'd feed him up with proper grub whilst here working, whereas GoFigure would make him go hunt his own food LOL



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