Ten Things Necessary for a Successful Camping Trip

1. school supplies to play arts and crafts

2. a few fluffy summer paperbacks
3. Off mosquito lanterns... the best invention in the world for camping

4. campground to ourselves
5. good, hardy breakfast

6. a camera

7. an obsessed dog that can warn us of squirrels

8. another one that can alert us when cars drive by

9. hiking trails that aren't steep
10. a quiet place to read


  1. Can I add #11? Chocolate on either end of the day: A warm cup of hot chocolate to take the chill off the morning and a gooey smore before crawling into the tent at night.

  2. We just got back from camping in Acadia National Park (take a skip over to my blog for the highlights) and we really could have used the dogs to drive off some early morning loving crows!!!

  3. bouquets of pencils back to school >>>>

  4. Anonymous11.8.10

    #12. A cast iron frying pan for that great looking breakfast...and dinner.

  5. do you not worry about bears whilst you sleep.... I'd be to scared to go to sleep incase a bear stared chewing on my feet whilst I slept in me sleeping bag lol



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