Rain, Last July Tour, New Porch

What a refreshing change to have rainstorms the last two days.
Raindrops help create lovely photos, especially of the vivid colored trumpet vines twining up the trellis by the deck.
I love lots of our lilies, but this one that greeted me when I returned home Friday is quite a showstopper.
JEJ designed and built a new front porch. I didn't get really good pictures of the whole porch, but now we have room to sit on the front porch and here is a lovely view of the front garden.
Speaking of lilies, I received this lovely gift from one of our participants at the summer institute in Moscow. I love the way the setting sun shines through the pretty lily. Thank you Audrey.

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  1. Christy-I love the spot you chose to hang this sun catcher! I am glad you are enjoying it. It has been a huge shift to be back at home and I am pondering how to continue with what I learned this summer. Take care.


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