Photo Opportunities

I work well when I have systems. I don't have a very good system for organizing my photos. I know what I need to do, but then just when I am about to do it, I take a hundred more photos. It was fun today to decide on photos to frame for display. It was also fun to take a tour of the last year in my life through the photos. I have taken some pictures I really like and I have taken way too many pictures of exactly the same thing. It is so hard to delete pictures. I know I have backed them up. I know they are on my blog, or Facebook, or in an online album. I still have to delete them. Here are some of the favorites I found today. The one above is of Shelby in the gazebo in the spring.
Lake Roosevelt in the spring.
Annie obsessed with squirrels.

snowy trail at Sherman Creek

Grayson and Junebug come home.

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