Dodge, the Official Greeter at the Vet's Office

 Today JEJ and me decided to take four cats at one time to the vet.  Lots of weird sounds came out of the carriers as we transported some unhappy cats to Colville. The resident cat Dodge climbed up on the carrier to greet the cats.
The kittens are getting used to it. They just sat quietly and looked cute.
 Dodge decided to get to know Sweet William and Lily.

Sweet William was not amused.
Lily wanted to be anywhere else except there.
Dodge also tried getting JEJ's attention by laying on top of the carrier.
 He was sure this would get Lily's attention.
When our cats went back to the exam room Dodge gave up and went back to being the door greeter. I thought Dodge had such beautiful markings. The receptionist never asked me why I was taking so many photos!

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