Touring Another Garden

 Saturday I toured a beautiful garden which belongs to my friend Elinor in Moscow. I am amazed how the blooming timelines are so different at our two houses when our climates don't vary that much.
 Every time I see her Judy Garland rose I say I need to get one.

The daisies were in full bloom.

I love this planter and she promised to get me one from the craftsman !
The Oregon grapes are a lovely color.

I love the shade of the coneflowers just as they begin to bloom. A lovely garden tour with a dear friend.


  1. The flowers are so rich and beautiful-thanks for sharing!

  2. Your shots are better than mine, but the memories are just as delightful. Great day!

  3. That planter is quite unique i say the same on the rose- bounteous beauty


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