The Kittens Continue to Bring Joy Into the Household

Grayson and Junebug are growing like weeds. Well... not quite as tall as some of our weeds, but they continue to explore, climb trees, get acquainted with the dogs, and pose for pictures. Enjoy another series of kitten photos featuring Grayson and Junebug.
 Shelby wants so much to be friends with Junebug.Junebug is considering her options.

Grayson loves playing hide and seek in the living room.

Junebug loves undivided attention from "The Cat Whisperer."
Grayson's goal in life is to be best friends with his idol and mentor Kit. You can hear him saying, "Hey Kit, here I am. Can I play with you outside?"


  1. Oh, they are so adorable. I love how you add the commentaries. They seem to fit perfectly. haha

  2. Adorable kitties Christy -- I'd love a couple more myself, if my other two weren't so territorial!!! Hope all is well with you -- take care.

  3. You tell Kit I said to play nice. I'll expect to hear great "Uncle Kit taught me how. . ." stories from the little ones next time I visit.

  4. We are thinking about getting a couple of kittens....... our Buff and Ambrose are 15 and 14 now and as much as I said then they go I will not get anymore, I cant imagine life without a cat around the place...

    except my 2 cats are weird lol as I type now, they are both sat either side of the keyboard and rarely venture out of the garden.. are always around I doubt we could ever get another two so wonderful..



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