A Contrast of Country to City

Today I returned to the collection of photos I took during my trip to Minneapolis in June. I was struck by the tall buildings and how closed in I felt. I suppose people that have always lived in cities surrounded by skyscrapers don't understand wide open spaces.
I missed my wide open spaces. Darkness crept in sooner between the buildings. No sunrises and sunsets to observe and enjoy.
I missed the sound of crickets and was awakened by sirens all night long. I'll take my country home any time!
It was nice to recognize one spot! It was a nice place to visit, but my roots are in the country.


  1. I remember that when I moved from "the middle of nowhere" in Michigan (where I had my first teaching job) back to Massachusetts where the road ran through woods that came right up to the edge (at least in the part where I moved) I felt very claustrophobic. I was sure the tree branches and bushes were going to swallow me up! I quickly grew to love that intimacy with nature as I drove. Now, I'm moving to Arizona where I will be able to see for miles in every direction. I am sure it will feel uncomfortable and uncontained for awhile...until I get used to that. Reminds me of what Pa said in the Little House books...and why he kept moving west...he needed to be able to see where he was going, and who was coming to see him, or words to that effect. He felt claustrophobic in the Big Woods because he had neighbors within miles of his house...

  2. I feel like a duck out of water when I go into town and town isnt even a big city LOL



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