The Beauty of the Flower Gardens

With July comes the vivid colors of lilies in the garden. Annuals like petunias and geraniums are working hard to produce their own showcase of blooms. Lavender is ready to harvest and some foxgloves are still hanging on in the heat.
Our Annabelle hydrangeas with their cool white and green combination provide a protective hedge near the front of the house away from the hot sun.
 This week-end we had our first trumpet vine blooms.
 There is one hearty red rose that always seems to have blooms and fills the air with a fragrance you don't often get to enjoy in roses these days.


  1. WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! w0w. (running out to check my trumpet vine...)

  2. whata glorious parade

  3. Hi, IEG. I especially love the rose. How beautiful.


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