All Summer Lily Mix

I love lilies because different types bloom at different times. Tulips look gorgeous when they bloom en mass, but then a rain or wind storm comes and they are gone. Lilacs are the same way.  Beautiful blooms open, then the rain comes. Wouldn't it be wonderful if different lilacs bloomed at different times so we could enjoy them longer? I had a friend remind me that maybe we wouldn't enjoy lilacs as much if we had them all summer. I think I would love lilacs if they bloomed year 'round.
I discovered a " All Summer Lily Mix" a few years ago in a bulb catalog.  I love this mix because different lilies are blooming throughout the summer in the garden. I can enjoy their aroma and beauty longer than that short window of time between rain, wind, and hot summer days.
JEJ plants them in the fall so I get little surprises as spring rolls into summer and the lily stocks begin to emerge from the ground. He has done a good job of tucking them here and there and everywhere. The photos throughout the post are ones I found on my garden walk Saturday.
You can find the "All Summer Lily Mix" in the van Bourgondien catalog here.
Lilies are also perfect subjects for photos. All I have to do is point and shoot. Their beauty does the rest.


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  2. IEG: What I meant to post is that "Lilies" are the best! ha.

  3. What about pansies?

  4. splendid mix sandy


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