When It Comes to Flowers... I am Old-Fashioned

I want my gardens to remind me of my grandmothers' gardens, my Auntie Lila's flower beds around her yard, and my mom's flower bed close to the house that even survived smelter smoke.

That is why I plant foxgloves,
big, yellow, puffy marigolds,
more petunias,

and roses. Always roses.


  1. Angie Bishop15.6.10

    Oh, I so enjoyed that post. I would love to see your flower gardens. My favorite thing to do with Grandma was walk around her yard and she would tell me what each plant was and something special or interesting about each one. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I learned a lot about flowers from Auntie Lila also. I keep saying we may have to have another reunion up north!! See you soon.

  3. I love old style flowers. I didn't get any planting done this year, but still thinking of trying to add something. I really want Moon Flowers... not the vine, the stand-up kind that we had growing up. Haven't been able to find them anywhere...


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