Ten Cool Things About This Rainy Weather

While all of us are wondering if we will see sunshine two days in a row this summer, I have to say there are advantages to this cooler weather that has gripped the inland empire.
1. I have seen the most spectacular rainbows ever... even some double rainbows.
2. Weeding and deadheading have been postponed way too many times.
3. Photos turn out better on cloudy days.
4. The roses have never had more buds or bigger blossoms than right now.
5. I figured out my back windshield wiper on my car needs replacing. How would I have known?
6. Umbrellas are hip and in style.
7. It is easier to stay in bed in the morning when it is gray and cloudy.
8. The campgrounds aren't as full. Of course... who wants to camp?
9. The new kittens can lay in the windowsill and not get sunstroke.
10. I don't have to worry about a pedicure. I am still wearing wool socks!

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