The Names Have Been Chosen: Meet Clementine and Mr. MacRae

It is still a bit hard to tell if the kittens are boys or girls, but we are thinking the black one is a girl and the gray one is a boy. If we learn different we will adjust!


  1. oh oh oh how I LOVE kittens :)... my 2 cats are wellabit old now 14 and 15, I do remember the time when we had 4 cats and 2 of those had 7 kittens each on the same day :) and in the same basket lol....14 kittens.... we was known as 'the kitten house' for a while lol

    gotta love kittens :)


  2. LOVE those faces and names--Either one. Nice work on your blog layout. Must be nice to finally have some time to noodle around!


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