My Dad's 10 Simple Rules

Father's Day is a good day to reminisce about the rules my dad lived by. Dad was taken from us in 1996 by cancer. I have been thinking about my dad a lot today and if I could sit down with him today he might just agree with these rules.

My Dad's Ten Simple Rules
1. If you can read... you can cook.
2. The best gift to give your granddaughter is a bubble gum pink Schwinn bicycle.
3. Men can cry... especially when they sing "God Bless America".
4. Respect the river.
5. The WSU Cougars were crummy... until my daughter got a master's degree from the university.
6.You can go home again.
7. The best place to examine the world is from your own front porch.
8. Respect your mother.
9. Money doesn't grow on trees.
10. Remember the good times and be generous to your friends.

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