The Garden Shed Makeover

As I mentioned last week JEJ had a terrific idea for changing the garden shed. It was an inexpensive makeover. He took all the "garden junk" out of the shed, added some walls, painted, and found some leftover flooring.
It started like this.
Then some walls were added. JEJ painted them.
Then we dusted off the old twin bed,found a table JEJ built, recycled an old computer chair, and brought in a lamp from another room.

I found a few other doodads that I moved to the room. ( It helps that most of my "found treasures" are the same colors!) 
  Lily even came to pose outside the new guest cabin. Even if we don't have any guests soon I think I may have to sneak off and do some quiet activity out there...or maybe a nap!


  1. What a clever idea; it looks wonderful!

  2. I should have taken a before picture with the "garden junk" inside. Pretty scary. I love how it turned out.

  3. oh how wonderful. I would love to have a place like that for my guests. I do have something like that, but it is full of storage... hum, perhaps I should rethink things.

  4. Very cool! I would absolutely make use of it myself unless/until I had guests!


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