Changes Here, There, Everywhere

 our honeysuckle is getting with it
I am playing around here with the layout and design of this blog. I discovered lots of new ways to make my blog work for me so be patient. It may look different every time you visit for awhile.
The garden shed now being converted into a guest cabin is shaping up nicely.
Today when we were trying to decide on flooring JEJ discovered the piece of vinyl  left over from the kitchen. I knew there was a good reason to save it.
We moved furniture out of the former chicken coop and the house. This has been an inexpensive project. I can't wait until it is done.
After the constant rain I finally was able to pick a bouquet. The late spring flowers are putting on a show. 
The wedding garden got a small makeover.
We adopted new kitten siblings today. They are getting used to our place.
They are getting used to the camera quickly.
I never tire of the scent and loveliness of the irises.


  1. I can smell the irisies and honeysuckle through the blog- what shall we name these 2 pretties??Also love the orchisd color..sandyI've been pklaying with it but the new templates jam up the computer at my

  2. Anonymous17.6.10

    Your pictures are fabulous and worthy of publication. Love the kittens looking up at the camera! BB


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