A Bouquet for a Friend and Mentor

I picked a bouquet this morning to take a friend and mentor that is also my therapist. Nine years ago I first met D.R. when I knew I needed help in some kind of way. Through the nine years we have been meeting we have addressed my depression, anxiety, and also how to handle stress. D.R. has encouraged me to grow as a person, helped me set goals to improve myself, encouraged me to write, and supported me in surrounding myself with all that is good in the world. We have eaten chocolate, cried, laughed out loud, and had deep discussions. When I completed my national boards we actually did a toast with a glass of wine. We have read books together, shared articles of interest, and shared websites. She has encouraged me to journal and I have filled books in the nine years.

Two months ago D.R. had an accident at home. I didn't really know what happened. She quit seeing patients for awhile. I knew she had to recuperate. It was difficult. I realized how much I relied on her. I didn't call or email. I waited until she was ready to see patients again. I went through some tough stuff during that time. I missed our sessions, but also realized I actually dealt with stuff that was thrown at me.

Today we had a session after two months. When I handed her the flowers I could see she is back to normal. I am getting closer to normal after we met today. We once again ate chocolate, cried, laughed out loud, and had deep discussions. I left with a whole list of things to do and felt twenty pounds lift off my shoulders when I drove away. I knew I was better, but not ready to give up on our sessions. It is a habit I don't want to break any time soon.

I was also relieved when she told me she wasn't ready to retire. She looked at me and said, "What would I do with myself if I wasn't here working?" I smiled and hugged her good-bye.

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