After the Rain.... A Gorgeous Rainbow and A Warm Fire

We had a bit of sunshine today before the rain paid us a visit again. The amazing thing this evening was checking outside while the rain poured and seeing a gorgeous rainbow arching over the lake.
It was perfect timing for a fire in the gazebo as the rain continued to fall and the evening cooled down.
Kit decided it was his job to check out the fireplace first.
Everett and Kit enjoying the fire.

 Shelby and Annie loved the warmth of the fire.

The view from the gazebo is always beautiful.


  1. Except for last Tuesday we are enjoying glorious weather here, makes up for our horrendous wet summer last year, even though Im pushing my luck now by stating that lol

    your garden always looks so beautiful, I could just imagine me sitting near your garden fire (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE) and watching the rain whilst breathing in your garden..


  2. We are having a LOT of rain today. Yesterday was beautiful and sunny, just a tease!


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