Top Ten Things I Am Doing Instead of Studying for My Exam

Tuesday I will take my exam for National Board Certification for Teachers. I think I am prepared, but realize I should be reading a book or memorizing grammar terms instead of writing this post.

Top Ten Things I Am Doing Instead of Studying for My Exam
10. Writing this post.
9.  Taking photos of birds in the feeder that keep flying away.
8. Canceling a credit card.
7. Laundry.
6. Helping out my brother with Fast Money on Facebook Family Fued.
5. Counting the number of irises that are blooming in the yard.
4. Cleaning out my Sent box on my email account.
3. Taking photos of the Christmas cactus that bloomed in May.
2. Watching the cloud formations in the sky.
1. Trying to figure out a way to reward myself when I complete the test on Tuesday.

All right... back to studying!


  1. what is your video project??Big undertaking aLONG with school.They pay very well to grade them I did it one year 1500 per week.

    Excess nervous energy going in all directio ns Bonne chance Sandy

  2. I did two video entires. One was a small group discussion on heroism with students sharing their essays. The large group discussion was analyzing the poem The Fish by Elizabeth Bishop. The blog I am doing with my students which has a link on my sidebar is what I did for my family/community project. Yes, it was a big undertaking, but I am glad I did it.


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