Nearly Ready for the Move

It is nearing that time for our wintered over plants to leave the greenhouse and make their way back to hang on the old ladder along the garage, rest on the rock wall, fill in the planters in the gardens, and brighten up the deck. Usually by now we have emptied the greenhouse, but Mother Nature has been fickle this year. Better safe than seeing a whole bunch of geraniums wilted from frost.

Everett caught some beautiful images of the greenhouse yesterday. I love the way the Martha Washington's have bloomed all winter.
I never thought we would see the nasturiums keep it up since they were grown from seed a year ago.
We also found a little friend on the jade plant in the greenhouse. Now I discovered one place toads go after they leave the pond. This toad has been hanging out on this leaf for a few days. We hope he is eating bugs!

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  1. we have a couple of very noisy frogs in our little fish pond. I wonder if the neighbors are starting to get tired of the dueling songs.

    So... that toad wintered over you think?


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