Finding Peace

Today was one of those hard days.  The headlines were filled with sad news about accidents. The oil spill keeps getting worse. I had to give bad news about grades to some of my students. A friend's dog was poisoned and she is grieving. A co-workers husband got laid off from his job. I had to once again try to explain to a thirteen-year-old why the Americans couldn't and didn't  just jump on a plane and go save the victims during the Holocaust. When I got home I sat and took in the simple beauty of my surroundings. I already feel so much more at peace. Isabelle also found a good spot.
How can I not be at peace after finding the first iris in bloom?


  1. I miss them so much irises.. encouraged to hear you do not bottleneck but let it go through nature's spitual realm serendipitous and lovely sandy

  2. There are always days like this, but the beauty around us, such as are in your flowers, reminds us that the sun is still shining even behind the clouds.


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