Celebrating the Finish

One of the things I heard over and over again as I moved my way through my National Boards this year was to be ready to celebrate when the exam was done. At noon today the exam was done and I chose to celebrate by doing one of my favorite activities. I stopped and shopped for plants at nurseries from Spokane through Colville on the way home. I got to revisit one nursery because I left my purse there. Would you say my brain was bit used up today?

I visited the Smart Gardens on Argonne first. I have driven by this place for years and never stopped. It was a fun place with lovely plants.
Of course Ritters was a stop for sure today. There is nothing like standing at the end of an aisle in this nursery and just taking in all the beauty.

Is there room for more?

Sure, I have the back end.

It was fun to unload them and try to decide where to plant them.That will be another day when I have more rest!

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  1. Here's where we are kindred spirits - Me exactly my gift to me - blooms


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