Sibling Assignment # 129: Surviving Cancer

Silver Valley Girl gave the third sibling assignment this month around the theme of April. "In the movie “Pieces of April”, the plot centers around the main character April fixing her estranged family Thanksgiving dinner.  Pick a holiday meal our family has shared in the past, and write about it."

The holiday that was celebrated over ten years ago was not a traditional family holiday. It was one we created as a family. We celebrated Mom surviving her treatments for breast cancer. She decided she wanted a lobster dinner when the treatments came to an end. The siblings with spouses headed to  Milford's Fish House in Spokane and had a high spirited celebration as we ordered Mom lobster, enjoyed good food and toasted to Mom's quest of enduring chemo and radiation.
Silver Valley Girl put together a basket of pink gifts, there was pink champagne, and pink flowers. It was an evening full of laughs and love and now thirteen years later I am proud to report she has continued to be cancer free. My prayer is that we continue to celebrate each year her quest for being cancer free.


  1. Wasn't that the same weekend we heard Kim Barnes and Robert Wrigley read? Did we all stay in Spokane that weekend? What did we do before dinner? How did that all work? Do you remember? The main thing I remember is 1. the reading and dinner beforehand at the Onion in N.Spokane...right? 2. the dinner 3. trying to get in to Sacred Heart to see Don Wood on's what happened in between that I can't recall.

  2. I didn't remember it was the same week-end, but it must have been if you were up. I don't even remember dinner at the Onion. I remember a hotel room and Carol and Paul bringing gifts there. I don't remember anything else... we'll have to ask Expert Mary.


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