Sibling Assignment #127: Christ The Lord Has Risen Today

 Easter back in the day with Raymond Pert, Silver Valley Girl as a baby and me.

This month Silver Valley Girl is giving sibling assignments around the theme of April. Here is ours for this week. " This year, Easter falls on the first Sunday of April.  Pick one of your favorite Easter hymns, and write about why it means so much to you." I will link theirs soon.

I can remember Easter in church for at least fifty years. Our church used to be uptown in Kellogg, then we made the big move down on Cameron across the street from our house when I was in elementary school.  At both churches the girls all wore new dresses, hats, white patent leather shoes with new white socks, and sometimes carried a new purse on Easter Sunday. The boys were in slacks, white shirts and ties.  The organist was the same in both buildings, the choir robes were the same, the the opening procession every Easter was "Christ the Lord Has Risen Today."

Fifty years later I get goosebumps when I hear this song. When I was old enough to understand Maundy Thursday and Good Friday I remember a sadness trying to understand The Last Supper and the crucifixion if Jesus Christ. When our organist filled the church with the opening chords of this song and the choir marched down the middle aisle singing the song with the congregation I knew it was time to rejoice. I look forward to belting it out Sunday as we once again celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ at our Garden Valley Church. Enjoy the song with me a have a happy Easter.


  1. I had that exact same feeling year after year/We are blessed that we did .Happy Easter with many new memories sandy

  2. I miss the dress up at Easter..
    even our pastor was casual in jeans -- as was his wife. sigh.


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