April is National Poetry Month: Do Poodles Like Noodles?

This anthology is especially popular with my younger readers and writers. The poems are light and silly, but it the illustrations are what keep all of us returning to this book. Here is the first poem in the book which the title of the book was pulled from.

Sometimes I Wonder
Sometimes I wonder if poodles like noodles,
Do lions us irons,
Can chickens read Dickens,
Do horses take courses,
Can beavers be weavers,
Do monkeys ride donkeys,
Can aardvarks be card sharks,
Do rabbits break habits,
Can kittens kniw mittens,
Do possums wear blossoms,
Can turtles jump hurdles?
I don't know the answers,,
I haven't a clue.
It's just fun to wonder,
Do you do it, too?

by Laura Numeroff

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