April is National Peotry Month: The Trees Stand Shining

The Trees Stand Shining is an anthology of poetry by  North American Indians. In the introduction it explains, "The poems in this book are really songs. There are different kinds: some are prayers, some short stories, some lullabies, and a few are war chants." The book also contains paintings by Robert Andrew Parker.

At the edge of the world
It is growing light.
The trees stand shining.
I like it.
It is growing light.

Butterfly, butterfly,butterfly, butterfly
Oh look, see it hovering among the flowers,
It is like a baby trying to walk
and not knowing how to go....

A voice
I will send
Hear me
The land
All over
A voice
I am sending
Hear me
I will live.
Teton Sioux

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  1. Love these! I may have to get that book. I'm just starting a search on my Native American roots on my mom's side of the family. The story is that it's Cherokee, but we shall see.

    I've been watching "Who Do You Think You Are" and there have been some real surprises when people start searching their past.


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