Sibling Assignment #125: An Image of Happiness

I gave another Happiness prompt for Sibling Assignment #125: " Choose an image that symbolizes happiness to you. Post that image and explain why.   I will link RP's and SVG's when they are posted.
This Thanksgiving morning picture from a few years ago depicts happiness to me.

 The sun is shining through the windows and flowers cheer up the room. My mom is decked out in her jeans,sweatshirt, and apron and using my Betty Crocker cookbook to make pie crusts (which are not my expertise.) She is using that dough cutter like an expert and while making the pie crust she is even smiling! I always love having my mom is my kitchen preparing the same things she did when I was a child. There is comfort in knowing the house will soon smell like pie and she will make those little cinnamon rolls from the leftover dough. This picture was the beginning of a memorable day when all my family gathered for Thanksgiving dinner at my house. It was a day filled with happiness, blessings, laughter, and good times.

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