Sibling Assignment #123: Spring Break at Steamboat Rock

I gave the sibling assignment this week. Think of a destination you have traveled to that brought you happiness. Describe the place/trip and why this particular place brought you happiness. I will link my siblings' posts when they post theirs.
Eight years ago during my spring break JEJ and I decided to get away and go camping. We had never camped that early in the year, but the adventurous spirit moved us! We had begun a quest of visiting a variety of campgrounds in eastern Washington. We packed up our gear, ourselves, and the dogs and traveled in our old Coachman RV to Steamboat Rock State Park. The park is located between Electric City and Coulee City on Banks Lake which was created by Grand Coulee Dam. We had made a perfect choice!
 That year the weather was perfect for camping. The grass had begun to green, the trees were blooming, and the days were warm. We love to camp off-season because the campgrounds aren't as busy. Actually there were quite a few people camping, but this campground is spread out enough it doesn't feel crowded. We were close to the water and the park had lots of places to hike.
Steamboat Rock itself jutts out of the land to form a plateau that provides panoramic views of the whole area. Hiking trails are everywhere. We never made it all the way to the top, but with the dogs explored the trails, the lakeshore, and the area around the park.
I felt much happiness during this trip. For me happiness is when you arrive at a destination with all that you need so you can just do what you want when you want.  It was a much needed break. We weren't on a schedule, had really nowhere else to go,and read, rested, hiked, ate great food, and enjoyed the company of the dogs. That trip was before my digital camera days so I had to borrow a few pictures to give an idea of what it looks like. We returned to Steamboat Rock a few years later in the early fall and had another enjoyable camping experience. I wish I could load up and head there right now!

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