Postcards from the Methow Valley: Taking the Tour

Today we drove around the Methow Valley so JEJ could find spots he recognized from his youth.
 Above is the house he lived in when he was eight. He couldn't get over how big the lilac bush out front had grown. We found one road he remembered as a dirt road that he ran all the way down full speed with a friend when he was a about twenty.Now it is paved. He spotted another road that led to a house he lived in, but we couldn't get through. Mostly he couldn't believe how much the whole area had changed.
The rivers hadn't changed much. Above is the Methow River.
We also drove up the Chewack River and stopped to get a closer look.

The water had a beautiful green color which set off the reflection of the trees.

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  1. That's such beautiful country! What a wonderful place to grow up.


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