National Board Certification for Teaching: Portfolio Done

After an extra 200 hours, three ink cartridges, reams of paper, too much coffee, tired songs on the iPod, lots of thinking, recording and burning of DVDs, lots of reading, discouragement, enlightenment, surprises, dinners cooked by JEJ, house cleaned by M and K, lonely dogs, missed family gatherings, and perseverance my Portfolio Box is ready to be mailed to the National Board of Teaching office.
Even though I have spent many hours in this study I still love this room, but may take a break from sitting in here until after spring break.After the first few months of study I had to buy a better chair. Amazing what good support will do!

I loved to read Final on the sheet. This was the Entry 1 Assembly.Yesterday I completed the assembly of four entries. After I take a break this week I begin studying for the exam. I will take it May 25th.
The dogs were happy to see me back relaxing in the gazebo yesterday.


  1. Thanks Tim. There were times when I wondered why I did it, but now I realize how I could learn even more about how to be a better teacher.


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