Tied to Used Books

I love used books. I love to go to used book stores wherever I visit. I love St. Vinnies book section in CdA. I love to dig deep at the bottom of a shelf and find some title nobody else knew was there. I especially love used book sales at the library.
Yesterday a used book sale was held at the public library in Colville. Now since this was my second visit I knew the routine a bit better. Get a coffee drink and get there early. I was about twenty minutes early and there was already a line winding down the sidewalk. The nice thing about this book sale is they only let so many people in at a time. No trampling for that gently used softback copy of Twilight.

The last routine I forgot, but will remember next time, is to bring cloth bags. When the Super 1 paper bag handle ripped as I was scanning the titles in the memoir section, I wished I had brought anther kind of bag. I'm sure the lady that had the gently used books fall on her foot would agree. All hardbacks at this sale were 50 cents, paperbacks 25 cents. I left there with two bags of books I had wanted to read and others my students will want to read and I spent 6.00.

Some titles I was excited about finding were:
Learning to Become Myself by Ellen Burstyn
Cherry by Mary Kerr
Breaking Clean by Judy Blunt (which I started)
another copy of Gift From the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
(it's one of those books I love to have on hand if someone hasn't read it)
Picking and Choosing by Carolyn Kizer
I Shall Not Be Moved by Maya Angelou
It was a pleasure to find books by northwest authors such as Judy Blunt and Carolyn Kizer.  The other sack of books to add to the classroom library will make some students happy tomorrow.

I realize you are thinking the day couldn't get any more exciting than a Starbuck's drink and a used book sale. It did though. The sun came out. As we drove home it was almost too brilliant to capture with the camera.


  1. I love used books too!

    Gift from the Sea is a wonderful book....

  2. my utmost pleasure.. digging for treasures.. books.

  3. IEG: Books, books, books...love them. One day I will write one.

  4. I loved used books too! Right now I'm overrun with books I haven't had time to read, so I haven't gone shopping for a while. Just seeing the picture of the books got me wanting to go treasure hunting!


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