Tied to Spring 2

Today there was once again the feel of spring around our place. It was hard to get a good photo for proof, but I saw a daffodil pushing through the ground and debris today. The snow has melted on the mountain across the lake.

JEJ  also remove our "yurt cover"  on the gazebo and built a fire in the fireplace. The garden lights were another welcome sign of spring. It is also staying light longer. Now that is a treat.

The ponds are beginning to melt. Shelby was in for a surprise when she tried to walk across the ice. I wish I could have gotten a picture.
The ice began to crack and she stayed on the largest piece and jumped to the bank. I tried to get her to go out again for a photo opportunity, but she is too smart for that.  We didn't even need a fire in inside today after the house warmed up in the morning. It's coming... I believe!

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  1. our fish pond is already warm enough to start the spring diet --

    Our daughter in Sacramento plans to move her family to spokane area this spring. We will be so much closer to them.

    Means I'll be up in your area poking around in the near future.


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