Tied to An Old Photo: Cousin John

Sitting and sorting through old pictures can take you back to earlier times, to special places, and help you remember important people. The picture above was taken in my Grandma West's front yard in Orofino, Idaho more than fifty years ago. Our cousins Lura and John are holding Raymond Pert and me on their shoulders posing in a very important way. These two cousins and their sister have always been an important part of my life. Even though I didn't see them often as a child, I have a safe, warm feeling of love when I look at this photo. I can almost smell summer and feel the August heat of Orofino.

My cousin John died suddenly yesterday. The family is dealing with a deep sadness. His quick smile, deep laugh, and twinkling eyes will be missed so much. John will leave a hole that will be hard to fill. Rest in peace dear cousin.


  1. How sad! You and your family certainly have my condolences, Christy!

  2. oh... so sorry!
    one of the hazards of big loving families is losing them.


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