Tied to Lake Roosevelt

I find beauty in Lake Roosevelt during all seasons, all types of weather, and any time of day. Here is a series of photo images I created today from morning to late afternoon. The above photo is what greeted me when I woke up this morning.
Later the sun came out and we drove south along the lake Barnaby Island/ It looked gorgeous in the late winter sunshine.
 Another view of the island from the shoreline. 
 In this photo I faced north toward home. The blue beauty of the lake and sky today was unbelievable.
In this last image I was looking toward Kettle Falls. You have to look close to see a small image of the lake.

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  1. I may get to be up in this area yet this year. WR is thinking about doing the Selkirk loop with his riding buddies.
    If so -- I may go (with the car) and check out the bird watching sights.


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