Tied to The Geek Squad

Tonight I became a junior member of the Geek Squad. About a week ago at school I got this big warning on my computer screen about my identity being stolen, trojan attacks, worms and who knows what else. I was on a safe teacher research site. When I clicked the warning it said to get rid of it all I needed to purchase some program. I called my tech guy in the library and he came to the rescue. These are showing up on many computers in our school and after I did some research found out they are showing up all over. I knew I had updated security software and figured the messages were bogus. They were. It is just a big, horrible virus which can override your own security system. It doesn't go away either.

The other day when I arrived home JEJ had the exact same message on his computer. Oh dear I thought... here we go again. His took the sound off the computer, slowed it way down, and stopped him from downloading certain things.I asked my tech guy what to do and by the end of the day he had a step-by-step sheet for me to take home and try. After an hour of work on the computer tonight I got rid of the scary virus. I really felt like a junior member of the Geek Squad. I was so glad when that bogus shield disappeared.  An anti-malware download helped so much.

These are called Rogue Security Tools. This was a new term to me, but when I researched more about it I learned they are a real problem. Another term is rogue security software because people buy these programs online after the warning and they are buying a virus for the computer.

I just did a scan on my own computer and it came up clean. There are enough real health viruses out there. I don't need these annoying ones that creep into computers.

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