Tied to Flowers

It is this time of year that I miss flowers. I love my greenhouse and the blooms that keep going during the winter, but I miss flowers that make bouquets. I am really tied to bouquets of flowers.  When I walk by fresh flowers at the local grocery store this time of year, I just can't resist buying fresh flowers. They love me at our local Safeway!

Another plus this week is having the Amazing Amaryllis once again bloom. Unbelievable.


  1. Yes, it is interesting walking down the street here in Houston this evening, and have flowers blooming in the flower beds. It was a nice little pick me up.

  2. when I walked into the Safeway store yeseterday (side door by the floral department) the Star Gazer Lilies were making the place smell so exotic. I just wanted to go someplace warm, sip something icy, and lay by the beach.


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