Tied to a Date in March

I knew working toward my National Board Certification this year would be a challenge, but as the date nears for my portfolio to be mailed, I am writing, revising, revideotaping, and gathering student samples like crazy and redefining challenge. If you are just stopping in and wondered why I haven't been commenting on your blog or creating a farm on Facebook, I have been completing a portfolio to reach National Board Certification in teaching. My portfolio is a box of materials I am putting together to demonstrate my teaching. I have done two video tapes, started a blog with my students (more about that later), analyzed student work, analyzed my own work, and done a ton of reading. The whole process continues to make me a stronger teacher. Today I was a weary teacher, but still a bit stronger.

The box has to be mailed by March 31st (which is during my spring break). Tonight I made reservations for a stay in a mountain cabin so JEJ, the dogs, and I can get away for four days after I deliver my box to the post office. We will be surrounded by mountains and pines in a remote location at the north part of the Methow Valley. JEJ lived in this valley as a child and wants to go back and visit places he remembers. I printed a picture of the cabin and that is my motivation to keep staying the course for the next six weeks. After the portfolio is mailed I prepare for an exam. Fortunately the exam is scheduled at the end of May. I can take a little break.  I am starting to see a faint light at the end of the tunnel.

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  1. Congratulations! I know you will do very well and they board will accept your portfolio. How special that you are going to the Methow Valley in six short weeks. It's very beautiful there --- I know you will find it relaxing and energizing both.

    Success to you! Great job!



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