Tied to Black and White Photos

Last year as I was  studying the work of photographer Ansel Adams I began to see distinct beauty in black and white photos. I gave my brother a book for Christmas on black and white photography and now wish I had a copy of the book also.  Most of the time I change the photos to black and white after I take them. I don't really look at a subject in terms of black and white.
 I made photo calendars for family and friends for Christmas. It was interesting to look at photos changed to black and white and also to revisit those already in black and white. I made calendars for my brother and myself using only black and white photos. Here are a few favorites I found today while organizing photo files.


  1. Photography is dependant on the reaction of the chemicals on the film to light, it is easy to deduce the importance of light conditions when taking photographs. As light is as important as indicated, one must also be aware that light can be reflected off certain objects, it can be absorbed by others.
    Black and white photos

  2. wow... nice! I approve!


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