Sibling Assignment #120: The Ties That Bind a Marriage

Isn't it only fitting that our sibling assignment on Valentine's Day would be related to marriage. Silver Valley Girl gave the assignment this week. "Write about the ties that bind you to your husband or wife. 

As I continue to enjoy a very pleasurable Valentine's Day, it was very easy to write this post. Today I was awakened to a warm fire, Reece's Peanut Butter hearts, a beautiful new watch that has a face and day/ date part I can see, and a touching valentine that brought tears to my eyes. After an inspiring church service and an afternoon nap, the two of us have settled into a quiet evening with our animals friends. It is my kind of day.

What are the ties that bind our marriage? 
We enjoy each other's company. Whether it is sitting on the deck, driving around the area, traveling to find a good restaurant, or walking the dogs, we enjoy each other's company.

We love to laugh. JEJ is a master clean joke teller. He can remember jokes that he heard once two months ago. I love to watch him tell a joke to a group of people. He finds pleasure in making people laugh. Yesterday when I put the turkey breast in the crock pot and discovered a few hours later I forgot to plug it in ( sibling insert.... vagueland) he just laughed with me when we realized we may not be eating until 8:00. Our dogs and cats entertain us. So do funny pictures and videos online. We are easily entertained and the laughter releases stress.

We don't dwell on the past. We both could have carried lots of  "baggage" into our marriage, but have worked hard on moving forward and not dwelling on what could have been, what could have been done differently, and comparing past relationships.

We forgive. I think our common beliefs with our faith keeps this one strong. I have followed JEJ's lead and worked at  apologizing, forgiving, and moving on. Holding in hurt and anger is not healthy. Fortunately we have not had monumental things that needed forgiveness. I think JEJ has forgiven me for  death of the dear Virginia Creeper from a few years ago. You just can't trust me with pruning shears.
We share similar interests. Gardening, photography, reading, watching the Zags, attending church together, spending time in nature, camping, and keeping up with current events are things we both are interested in. We also enjoy a delicious home cooked meal, a nice glass of red wine, a beautiful sunrise from the deck, and solitude.  It is enjoyable to spend time with family and friends, but we also love time spent with just each other.

I always admire couples that have been together for thirty or forty years and have a rich, happy marriage. We met each other later in life. We knew ourselves, but had to learn each other. After traveling a bumpy road for awhile I was glad the gravel road got smoother when I got acquainted with the guy across the road that stopped one day to fix my gate and bring me rose plants.
Happy Valentine's Day JEJ!


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