Sibling Assignment #119; Tied to Richland, WA

SIlver Valley Girl gave the sibling assignment this week. "Think about one of the places you were living in the 1980’s and write about how you are still tied to that particular place. " In the summer of 1980 I moved to the Tri-Cities in southeastern Washington state. I was a newlywed and my (ex) husband had been hired to work at the Hanford area. I was hoping to get a teaching job. The first place we lived was at Tapteal Apartments in Richland. The apartments sat right at the end of Columbia Park with a view of Bateman Island and the Columbia River. When I found a picture to post here I felt frozen in time. The picture showed the window of the apartment I lived in.

Right next to Tapteal Apartments was a popular restaurant/bar called R. F. McDougalls with a deck that was full most evenings with patrons enjoying the view and meeting with friends.

Fast forward to about ten years ago. I was having my hair styled in a local salon in Colville. One hair stylist looked very familiar. Later I ended up having an appointment with her. I learned that she grew up in the Tri-Cites, but I had recognized her because she had also worked at my favorite salon in Kennewick. Bonnie has done my hair ever since. Every time we are together we share old Tri-Cities stories and  still continue to find connections between people I knew, people she knew and places we liked to go. It really cracks me up.

Last time I was there we were trying to remember the name of R.F. McDougalls. Both of us remembered it, but couldn't remember the name. After it came to her she told me her mom lived at Tapteal Apartments most recently. Boy... did that take me back.  I didn't even know if Tapteal Apartments were still there. She couldn't believe I had lived there and  once again we had a connection. She told me when her mom was preparing a fancy dish and was missing an ingredient, she would just head over to the kitchen at McDougalls. She ended up being friends with everyone in the kitchen and hung out there sometimes. Who knew?
a view of the Columbia by Bateman Island close to my first home in the Tri-Cities

It is "hair day with Bonnie" on Thursday. I always look forward to our tie to the Tri-Cities and sharing stories. My former hair guy comes up and hunts at her cabin north of where I live. I still laugh thinking about running into Richard at the Chevron station in Kettle. He would say, "Bonnie must do your hair. I taught her everything she knows."

Bonnie  grew up in Pasco so knows that area better. I remember more about Kennewick since that is where I lived most of the time I was there. It gives us just enough information to be dangerous.


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  2. when I first moved here - people lived in WW and worked in tri-cities (especially richland/hanford)
    because it was cheaper to live here.

    NOW... it has changed. People live in Tri-cities because it is cheaper. Who'd have thought?


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