Sibling Assignment #118: Best Way for Using Creative Energy

 Cats defining bliss.

 This is our final Best assignment for January. I posted this topic asking my siblings to respond to "Best Way for Using Creative Energy." You will find my siblings' posts  soon.

The best way I use creative energy is taking pictures. I always loved snapping pictures with my old Pentax 35 mm and spent way too much money on film and developing. I remember when people first began using digital cameras I thought they were too complicated. Students were trying to show me how to use one and I still felt it were too hard. I purchased my first digital camera in January 2007. My love affair with photography began. Being able to take pictures and store them, download them, put them on a disk, or delete them freed me to use my creative energy to explore the area I live, remember my gardens, revisit my  greenhouse, love my dogs, and form family memories with digital pictures.

I still haven't had a class on photography. I have read a few books and magazine articles to learn tricks of the trade. Most of what I do has been trial and error. I think there will come a point that I will have to stop saving every photo image I take. I just love to save them. Here are some of my favorites.
Annie,Shelby, and Isabelle in the gazebo a few years ago.
My brother creating his own iPod ad during our Oregon coast trip.
JEJ and Shelby on that same trip.

An image of the boat launch close to home on Lake Roosevelt last fall.

Sunset on the Columbia River in Astoria in August.
My mom at Christmas with Mr. Santa and my hat. I was laughing so hard I made the camera shake!
Amaryllis in January.

The Cataldo Mission in January.

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  1. fantastic shot of the columbia @ astoria.

    we were there in September


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