Sibling Assignment #117: Favorite Movie with Understated Actors

I once again gave the sibling assignment sticking with the BEST theme.  Write about a "Best Movie Because of a Memorable Role an Actor/Actress Played." Why do I give these assignments that are so difficult? Like anyone could pick one best movie. Like I could pick on memorable role. Since it is movie award season right now I was thinking about the different roles that have earned actors and actresses recognition for their work. Sometimes an actor transforms himself/herself physically and you forget the person behind the role. Other times just the part itself stays with you. Actors playing famous people, creating themselves into that role is a feat in itself. I am also amazed how actors can sing, dance, and act effortlessly in a movie role. All these different roles require skill.

As I was sitting drinking coffee this morning I let my movie history rewind through my head. I wanted to see what would pop up. I like understated roles. While watching a movie I imagine the actor as somebody familiar, a person in town. Actors that work well as a team stood out in my mind also. I went with a team. The best movie is On Golden Pond and the actors are Henry Fonda and Kathrine  Hepburn.

You understood their relationship. I felt like they could have been a couple down the road at the lake. These two actors had never worked together before. Actually they had never met, yet created a chemistry that was believable and understated. Hepburn even did her own stunts when it came to swimming and diving in after Norman when the boat hit the rocks. The movie is about families, relationships, and growing old. It is also about tradition. The Thayers returned to Golden Pond each summer. They had a familiarity with the place. That familiarity plays out as Norman struggles with growing old.

It is a beautiful film to watch. It has one of my favorite soundtracks. The scenery and cinematography is lovely. The rest of the cast including Jane Fonda, Dabney Coleman, and Doug McKeon create an ensemble that fits together well. It is a movie you can watch with your mom and not be bothered by violence and language.

Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn both won Academy Awards for their roles in this movie. If you have never seen this movie, or haven't seen it for awhile, take time to savor it. It is a treat.


  1. I loved this film on so many levels...... so many....


  2. How lovely it was to revive the memories of that beautiful film. Just that tiny snippit brought the whole story back, the wonderful characters, especially Katherine Hepburn and Henry Fonda, the scenery, the music..all of it a truly memorable experience.
    Thank you!
    It's been so nice catching up with your posts.
    Happy New Year! Wishing you health, happiness and rich blessings for 2010.

  3. Absolutely one of my top favorite movies! It teaches very well, too. In fact, I finished with it about a month ago with my juniors. I agree with Marmite many levels....


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