Best Shots of Morning Fog

When I left the house today I was enveloped in a gray fog. I stopped along the way and grabbed my camera, hoping to get some shots of the lake in the fog. What surprised me was the blue tint that came through in the pictures. I like the soft shades of blue contrasting with the dark shapes. I captured these images of the fog when stopping by trees as I drove along the county road. I don't think the fog lifted until afternoon. It softened the images of dirty snow and lakes of water out my classroom window.


  1. what wonderful eerie photos...

  2. Fog is God's way of reminding us
    to slow down.

    Glad you did...
    neat photos

  3. I LOVE the fog...... I had to drive into town last night to drop off and pick up from the cinema.... the fog was so very dense I could only drive about 15mph.... a bit scary.... but I LOVE walking/hobbling in the fog ..



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